Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Podcast #1: Crimson & Gold Show - Coach Montgomery

Want to listen to LetsGoDU's first Podcast? Go to the tab above, Crimson & Gold Show, and listen to host Nick Tremaroli talk DU hockey and conduct a live interview with Coach Montgomery along with co-host Adam Hammerman:

  • What does he think about this year's team?
  • What does the goalie situation look like?
  • Get his view on Arizona State as a potential candidate for the NCHC?
Thanks to Coach Montgomery and best of luck this season!

Link below, too.
Crimson & Gold

Puck Swami: Part Two - Pros & Cons of Lax Expansion

Part two: The Pros and Cons of Expansion

The University of Denver’s Barton Lacrosse Stadium was built in 2005 and is now 10 years old. At the time it was built, it was the first lacrosse-only stadium in the country. In recent years, as the University of Denver has become a national power and the sport continues to grow, there has been discussion of expanding the stadium accommodate the increasing demand.

Here is a summary of the key pros and cons of stadium expansion:

Pro-Expansion:1.DU HAS OUTGROWN CURRENT STADIUM The DU program has clearly outgrown Barton Stadium's 2,000 seats. Barton was built well before Coach Bill Tierney’s 2009 arrival and DU has become a national power since then, with a national title in 2015 and four consecutive final four appearances since 2011, as well as multiple league titles in the GWLL, ECAC and now the Big East. DU has proven it can draw 3,000-13,000+ people for every game in Denver depending on opponent, venue, stakes and weather. Sellouts at Barton have become routine, and there is a greater demand for seats than there is capacity. Shutting out ticket-buyers may help short term ticket demand, but long term, it would be far better to accommodate ticket demand.

Super Pub Winner - Crimson & Gold Gift Certificates

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Tuesday: UND Reveal - Sun Dogs

As North Dakota moves toward an election to select a new name for their athletic teams, LetsGoDU has received an exclusive 'sneak peak' of the graphics that will support the new team names. Over the next five days, we will release the graphics for each of the five proposed names, one each day.
*70% of North Dakota students want 'no nickname' or, at least, addition of a UND/North Dakota option to the ballot, UND president, Robert O. Kelley, insists on the selection of a new nickname.

Monday, October 05, 2015

DU Boots Zags 2-1

DU rebounded from a tough tie to IUPUI this past Saturday by defeating non-conference Gonzaga at CIBER Field Monday evening 2-1. The Pioneers jumped out to a 1-0 lead at half. They were tied in the second half by the Bulldogs but responded with a penalty kick goal to take the lead and hold on until the 90th minute.

The Pioneers RPI dropped to #12 following their tie to IUPUI. Gonzaga's RPI was 26 heading into the contest.

The Pioneers return to Summit play Saturday, October 10th at Oral Roberts in Tulsa. The Pioneers are a sterling 9-0-2 and undefeated on the season. Oral Roberts (4-4-1) has an RPI of 127 so the Pioneers must get a road win Saturday to gain momentum in the Summit League and maintain their top 20 status.

Part 1: DU Lacrosse - Signed and Sealed - What's Next?

As part of his support of the Lets Go DU Blog, longtime DU sports fan Puck Swami will be providing his periodic in-depth analysis of DU sports. This two-part article focuses on the DU men's lacrosse program following the extension of Bill Tierney to 2022. 

Part 1 - The Extension

The news that legendary University of Denver Lacrosse Coach Bill Tierney has signed a contract extension until 2022 is great news for everyone who is connected to the DU lacrosse program. Tierney will be 69 years old when the new contract expires, and this breathing room allows everyone to exhale a bit, now that the deal is finally done.

The news is biggest for current players and recruits, who can now be assured of the Hall-of-Famer Tierney’s future years behind the DU bench and helps to end whispers among coaches from other schools who’ve likely told recruits that Tierney might not be around to guide their own lacrosse future.

Good for Coach Tierney - Great Move for DU

During a heady campus championship celebration at Hamilton Gym, Bill Tierney stated to the crowd, "I'd like to come back - if they'll have me." The gym erupted with cheers. Both DU and Tierney got their way Monday when it was announced his contract was extended to 2022.

The last four years burnished Coach Tierney's lacrosse legend and the next seven years will cement DU's lacrosse pedigree. What was once a novel, quirky program, far removed from the lacrosse epicenter, was seen by the lax blue-bloods and east coast media as a unique 'one-off'. DU players spent more times on airplanes than their dorms during the spring. Their story was a perfect filler for the New York Times sports section. Once Tierney was done at DU, the natural order of things would return with Duke, Virginia, North Carolina, Syracuse, or Johns Hopkins taking their rightful position again. This had happened before in 2012 when Loyola-Maryland crashed the party but order was immediately restored with back-to-back Duke championships.

Hockey Camp Out’s Golden Tickets Result in Big Success

On the morning of Oct. 3 the Denver hockey team greeted dedicated, anxious, freezing, sleep-deprived students with donuts, pep, and most importantly assurance that the wait for hockey season was over.

The annual Hockey Campout began the afternoon of Friday Oct. 2, where students pitched their tents to claim their spot outside of the Ritchie Center. Student cleverly pitched their tents at the top of the stairs outside of the entrance to the Ritchie Center, while the rest of the tents sat on the grass and sloped hill. In the evening students were encouraged to go to the men’s soccer game against IUPUI (final score 1-1) and the volleyball game against South Dakota St. (DU won 3-0.)

Sunday, October 04, 2015

LGDU to Reveal University of North Dakota Graphics

As North Dakota moves toward an election to select a new name for their athletic teams, LetsGoDU has received an exclusive 'sneak peak' of the graphics that will support the new team names. Over the next five days, we will release the graphics for each of the five proposed names, one each day.

ASU Makes History Saturday Night

Shortly before their game started last night, ASU tweeted the line-up sheet for their historic first night as a D1 program. They went on to beat Arizona, a local club foe, in Glendale, Arizona by a score of 8-1.

ASU's Historic First Night

Bad Boyz - Louisville Gets Caught with Their Pants Down

An escort hired by an assistant for the University of Louisville basketball team has written a tell all book. She claims to have received $10,000 from Andre McGee an assistant coach at the time. The 'professional' booster, Katina Powell, age 43, takes credit for the success of the team, She states in the book: “I felt like I was part of the recruitment team. A lot of them players went to Louisville because of me."

In the most surprising twist, it was noted that she provided her services, along with three of her daughters, to players and their dads. This explains the 'family feeling' around Louisville basketball.

Rick Pitino ($4.8 mil/yr.) stated, "I'm disheartened and disappointed."

Does this surprise anyone? 

Not really.

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Puck Swami Presents: DU Basketball In-Depth

As part of his support of the Lets Go DU Blog, longtime DU sports fan Puck Swami will be providing his periodic in-depth analysis of DU sports. This first article focuses on the DU men’s basketball program.

DU basketball had its first practice this Saturday, October 2, and November will soon will find us cheering on DU Hoops Team #111 — over 100 years since the Pios' first season in 1904. Unlike most of the rest of America, DU basketball has long been a secondary winter sport here, as hockey has dominated the winters on campus since 1949. And while most of us love to see DU exploit our unique niche of hockey primacy on campus, plenty of us would also like to see DU basketball flourish as another outlet for Pioneer pride. For as great as DU hockey and lacrosse are, they are still regional sports in this country, played by 60 and 70 NCAA Division I schools, respectively. As men’s basketball is played by over 350 NCAA Division I schools, basketball has the potential to spread the DU brand to a truly national audience.

First off, it is fair to say that DU coach Joe Scott has done a lot of excellent work in his eight-year tenure as men’s basketball coach, navigating the Pios from the depths of the national rankings and navigating three different conferences. Scott took over one of the nation’s lowest-ranked D-I programs, when it was so downtrodden that the previous head coach, Terry Carroll, actually stopped showing up at his job half-way through the dreadful 4-win, 24-loss 2007 season under a “personal leave of absence.”

UNO Charts a Familiar Path

The University Nebraska Omaha recently completed a 4-year transition to D1, dropped football (2011), and built a new $75 million  dollar arena for their hockey and basketball teams. Sound familiar?

Realizing that they could not compete in their market with D1's Creighton and University of Nebraska as a DII program, they knew they had to step-up for the Omaha sports dollar. They are quickly becoming a natural geographic rival for DU in hockey and other sports, too.

They made the Frozen Four last season and they have beaten DU in basketball. While we look at UNO as a 'small market' compared to Denver, they have big plans. It would be no surprise if UNO joins other fierce DU rivals CC and UND.

UNO's athletic director is Trev Alberts. He played college football at Nebraska, professional football for the Colts, and worked Gameday broadcasts for ESPN. The athletic administration is following the same blueprint DU took in 1999 with a move to D1. A link below takes you to their story:

UNO - Work Has Just Begun

Women's Soccer - Clean Slate Brings New Hope

Could it happen? The unthinkable...the DU women's soccer team (0-8-1) goes on a tear and wins the Summit League? With the DU fall sports teams hitting on all cylinders, a young women's soccer team has no wins and one goal in nine games. No reason for hope? This is how it could happen...

  • Jeff Hooker is one of the best coaches in women's college soccer. His teams play a proven system, win games and get better during the season. 
  • The Pio defense is steady and getting better. During their eight losses, they are only giving up two goals per game. 
  • Read through the profiles of the Pioneer forwards. They have great credentials as state champs, league scoring championships, and team MVPs for their high schools and clubs. They have size and several veterans up-front. A couple of goals and who knows what that might do to their confidence.
  • Summit teams knock each other off and the Pioneers pull off some unexpected road wins and start to own CIBER field again. Historically, they have been very difficult to beat at home.

Friday, October 02, 2015

Mixed Results for a Packed Ritchie Center Complex

In a night full of promise with the student camp-out and the women's volleyball team sweeping South Dakota 3-0, the men's soccer team was stunned in front of a full house at CIBER Field. A breakaway goal by IUPUI in the second half and a missed penalty kick by the Pioneers led to a surprising 1-1 tie in overtime. The Pioneers controlled play but could not put the ball in the back of the net.